Conducting a Successful Eligibility Determination

Successful audits with minimal employee feedback

We work with clients every step of the way to ensure that the audit process is a success. We stress the importance of communications—you can't communicate enough before, during and immediately after an audit. Senior management, HR leaders and affected employees should all know what to expect and when to expect it throughout the course of the process.

Allowing employees enough time to successfully complete the audit is essential; it takes time to acquire government–issued documents. Rushing the process creates additional anxiety and can result in a higher percentage of employees not completing the audit.

Offering employees an appeal or extension and reaching out to those who still have not completed their verification documentation is an important act of goodwill, which will be well worth the effort when it comes time to remove employees' dependents.

Following through with your plan to remove ineligible dependents and staying as close to the original audit messaging is critical.

Employee-focused customer service

Our process begins with a positive, customized introduction to employees and solicitation of necessary documentation. Our culture of outstanding service is reflected by our employee-focused customer service representatives.

Transparent technology solutions ensure that you can see everything we do through a manageable process. The provisions of your SPD(s) control the evaluation of your dependent eligibility audit. Verification documents are scanned and entered into the system, a process that ensures consistent and objective assessment.

Each client has access to a Web-based utility to design and monitor the entire audit process. Your employees have access to a custom-designed Web portal that allows them access to audit status and the ability to ask questions, request information and view personal data.